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My primary aspiration as a counselor, parent coach, and equity consult is to support children and the systems they grow in. As a therapeutic counselor, I have the opportunity to connect with youth directly and learn more about who they are. Together we work on cultivating healing, integrating experiences and emotions, and expressing creatively. At the same time, children live and learn in larger systems; I find working with two of these systems, families and schools, to be of great importance. I offer parent coaching and parenting classes for families, and equity workshops and consulting for both parents and schools.

With a masters in Counseling Psychology, a background in program development, close experience with youth, and a commitment to research, I bring a balanced approach that fosters whole-person development and respectful relationships between adults and children.

Recorded Webinars

Re-envisioning Schools & Social Justice Education 

***This event has been postponed TBD*** (originally scheduled for 9/9)

-> truncated videos of this webinar can be found here

This webinar shares models for social justice education in school settings (K-12), specifically around anti-racism. At this critical juncture in our nation's history, we have the opportunity to re-envision what our educational systems look like, and a duty to abolish systemic racism in our school structures and practices. Social justice education goes beyond implementing a few tokenized lessons on racism--learn about models for social justice education and how your school can work toward racial justice.

Services Offered

Therapy is an opportunity to process and heal from challenges and/or traumas, and integrate experiences to live a more full and empowered life.

Parent coaching focuses on identifying current parenting challenges and learning practical tools and solutions. 

Equity work involves exploration and accountability on a personal level, while also deconstructing oppressive systems and reconstructing more equitable forms of power sharing.

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