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Equity Consulting

I work with schools and families to examine their own areas of privilege and the ways in which they might be contributing to systemic oppression. My work is informed through my experiences as a bi-racial (half Chinese, half White) woman, and through my ongoing reflexive practice. This work also ties in closely with my doctoral program in social psychology through UCSC, where my research focuses on educational equity, systems of power, and youth engagement.


For families I offer workshops, reflection circles, and one on one coaching.



For schools, I consult on assessment of school practices and ways to engage parents in diversity, equity, and inclusion work. I also provide staff trainings to further self awareness around privilege and power dynamics, build honest relationships, teach tools for social justice, and engage in more equitable education practices on a daily basis.


I currently offer webinars on different subjects like Breaking White Silence, and How to Talk to Children About Race and Racism.

Getting Started

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together. 


Free Consultation 

I welcome your questions and inquiries! 

If you are interested in working together, please contact me to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.



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