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Parenting Resources


Positive Discipline

The main organization for Positive Discipline, the site has information for parents of all ages as well as articles, news and Positive Discipline materials for sale.

Positive Discipline Association

This is the original website for Positive Discipline and continues to provide information on previous and upcoming classes and training workshops.

Raising Happiness

Raising Happiness is a parenting blog that is part of the Greater ,Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Articles are written by Christine Carter, Ph.D., who communicates current research on parenting and human development and their practical implications.

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Positive Discipline Community Resources (PDCR)

Santa Cruz County’s non-profit organization that promotes Positive Discipline in this area and also serves as a unifying center of information and support for parents, facilitators, schools, teachers and collaborators.

Community Bridges

An umbrella organization that hosts a number of resource centers and programs in Santa Cruz county like Live Oak Family Resource Center, WIC, Mountain Community Resources, & Familia Center.

Walnut Avenue Women’s Center

This non-profit family resource center specializes in domestic violence prevention and survivor support. They also offer youth programs, support groups, domestic violence advocacy, and a childcare center.

Family & Children Services, Santa Cruz County

Family and Children's Services provides services to children who have been abused, neglected, or who are at risk of abuse or neglect.

Live Oak Resource Guide 2011

A two page guide with numerous resources and agencies in Santa Cruz County from drug and alcohol support services to food and clothing to legal support and health care.

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3 separate workshops that can be taken together. Classes are offered through
Cabrillo College Extension and cover the following topics:

-The New Territory of the Teen Years 

-Preparing Your Teen for Their Future 

-Parents & Teens Together 

Every last Wednesday of the month
6:30-8:00pm -- CURRENTLY CLOSED

Monthly support groups for parents of teens
to check-in, share experiences and identify solutions using Positive Discipline. 

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