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Female Youth Groups

Youth groups provide a safe and fun environment for young women to find empowerment through healthy peer to peer relationships.

If you are interested in starting a group call 831-920-4589 or email Groups can be started by parents looking to support their daughters or organizations and schools seeking an effective and empowering program.


Healthy Relationships

Women in our culture are not taught that they deserve respect. We might say these words to them but in reality, the actual messages they receive on a daily basis are conflicting. From gender norms that promote submission and appeasement to the teenage social jungle of popularity and cliques, it is incredibly challenging for young women to successfully form healthy relationships.


Healthy Relationships groups give girls the continuous opportunity to experience developing positive friendships within a group and provide a safe space for girls to learn how to create agreements and solve disputes. Internally, girls learn and develop their ability to discern what their needs are and how to stand up for them. They become empowered with the tools they 

need to realistically overcome pressure and make informed choices for themselves. These groups help girls to increase their confidence, develop assertiveness, set boundaries, and thoughtfully challenge the stereotypes and norms they will continue to face. 

Most importantly, they lay a strong foundation for girls to have healthy and positive relationships not just in their teen years, but in adult relationships with romantic partners, bosses/teachers, co-workers, family and friends. 


Format: Groups are held in circle format modeling agreements, boundaries, and respectful communication. They are led by a facilitator and are highly engaging so that girls can practice what they learn. To learn more call 831-920-3835 or email

Safety & Self Defense

These safety and self defense workshops are for girls ranging in ages from 10 to 18. Your daughters might be leaving home for the first time as they go to college or travel, or you might just want them to know some key self defense skills.  Because of a lack of awareness, most young women who find themselves in compromising or unsafe situations don’t know what to do or how to respond. Help the young women you know to become more assertive, safe and better prepared.

Workshops are taught from a strength-based, harm-reduction approach that openly addresses topics and the safety concerns involved. This approach gives young women the knowledge they need to know how to respond if, or quite potentially when, they find themselves in such a situation. 

Forming a Workshop
Workshop groups are generally self-formed so that the girls can learn with friends whom they feel more comfortable with, and can hold up to 10 participants to help distribute costs. They take place in the comfort of one of the girl's homes so that these sensitive topics can be addressed in a more secure environment. All supplies are provided.


Single Workshop

Length: 1 1/2 hour session - one time

Cost: $200 total - cost can be distributed between participating members
# of Participants: between 1-10

Topics covered:

  • self defense techniques

  • verbal techniques

  • setting boundaries

  • safety awareness



3 Series Workshop

Length: a series of 3 workshops, each 1 1/2 hour long
Cost: $175 per session / $525 total - costs can be distributed between participating members
# of Participants: between 1-10

Topics covered:

Further depth and coverage of

  • self defense techniques

  • verbal techniques

  • setting boundaries

  • safety awareness


Additional topics

  • responsible partying

  • drug and alcohol awareness

  • sexual harassment

  • healthy relationships

  • self care

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