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Parenting Teens


Want to better understand the world of your teen? I’m here to translate! Half the battle is overcoming the fact that you and your teenager live in very different worlds. This is the unavoidable result of being in such diverse
developmental stages; however, it makes communicating, and even living together, incredibly difficult. I help to bridge these two worlds, facilitate healthy conversations, and teach tools that will allow you to parent with more assurance.




​The world of teens is complex! It is full of unspoken rules and a desire to not only fit in, but also maintain relationships--even with people who treat you poorly. Most likely you’re worried about your kid, and of course you're not alone. Because you care about your child SO MUCH the concern you have for them can drive you crazy. As if that weren't enough, enter the teenage years. Now your child is no longer communicating with you AND starts to exhibit more risky behavior. During this rapid transition from childhood to adolescence many parents feel like their kid has literally changed overnight.




Having been a teenage daughter, having studied psychology, and especially having worked with clients from youth to young women, I am here to tell you that parents play one of the most CRITICAL roles in their child’s life. What’s more is that the teenage years and the relationships you have with your child during that time are incredibly formative and influential. This takes most parents by surprise who feel that their teenager hardly listens to them, let alone withstands any impact from their actions or words. However, even though you might be getting your fair share of silence and eye rolls, your teen is listening and forming decisions about themselves, you, and your relationship. This is where I step in to not only translate, but to help you learn a common language and strengthen your relationship.


Positive Discipline is more than just a parenting method, it's a whole Psychological orientation to human development. Based on the core belief that children need to feel 

belonging and significance, Positive Discipline teaches parents to work with their children respectfully by being kind and firm at the same time. It focuses on parenting with the long-term in mind and utilizes practical techniques that teach responsibility, problem solving, and intrinsic motivation.

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3 separate workshops that can be taken together. Classes are offered through
Cabrillo College Extension and cover the following topics:

-The New Territory of the Teen Years 

-Preparing Your Teen for Their Future 

-Parents & Teens Together 

Every last Wednesday of the month
6:30-8:00pm -- CURRENTLY CLOSED

Monthly support groups for parents of teens
to check-in, share experiences and identify solutions using Positive Discipline. 

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